Lap-banding or laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding has been a weight loss operation that has been around for years.  This surgical practice has been done on over 300,000 patients worldwide.  The band is a silicone balloon which can be inflated by injecting sterile water into it.  When the band is inflated it restricts the passage of food into and through the stomach.  This reduces the amount of food a person is able to eat.  Weight loss occurs because people feel full faster and eat less.  The Band can be adjusted over time to provide continued weight loss. A person can loose an average of 60 -68%of excess weight at 2-3 yrs.  Only minimal risks, band can slip and need to be corrected, infection, and injury to stomach during surgery.   Benefits are listed below.

surgery is done laparoscopically

band is adjustable and reversible

no rerouting of intestines

limited amount of malabsorption

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Why Affordable Advanced Bariatrics Association?

Weight Loss surgery can be very expensive and sometimes not covered by insurance or the patient has to wait a long period to qualify for surgery.   The average weight loss surgery can average ($18,000 – $30,000), but in Mexico, weight loss surgery can be done as low as $4500.  Top trained and certified surgeons perform weight loss surgeries with permission.   Prices are all inclusive:   two-day hospital stay, x rays, lab work, EKG, surgery, anesthesia, medication, leak test, one day top rated hotel stay and ground transportation to and from San Diego airport is included.   Your safety is assured with friendly English speaking staff.

We do surgery at a certified bariatric hospital and you will have hotel accommodations in a top rated hotel.   The hospital is only a few minutes from the border and San Diego airport.   We provide safe friendly ground transportation to and from the hospital.   The staff at the hospital is friendly and knowledgeable.  Our patient advocate is available 24 hrs a day to answer questions.   We strive to provide the best hospital experience at a very reasonable price.   You will love your experience with us.    Everything is arranged and done for you, the only thing you need to do is to arrange your flight to the San Diego airport.  A real piece of mind and assurance that you will be taken care of from start to finish.

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