The Gastric Plication Surgery has had a lot of success on patients who had complications due to severe gastric reflux (Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease, GERD). It is the new weight loss surgery options and successful surgery with immediate and long term weight loss.

It has been on the surgical market for about three years and being practiced in Mexico.

How does the Gastric Plication is done?

The Gastric Plication Surgery is performed laparascopically (using a mini-video camara), only making 5-6 incisions around the abdomen area.

Basically, the fundus (the upper part of the stomach) is folded around the esophageus and sewn into place so the lower portion of the esophagus is passes through a small cavity of the esophageus. This permits the esophageus to heal.

How does Gastric Plication work?

The Gastric Plication is a restrictive procedure, which means that you are only allowed to certain amount of food intake. It does not decrease you nutrition but it will decrease your appetite. You will feel full very quickly and satisfied for a long period of time.

How long will I need to return to normal activities before Gastric Plication?

The beauty of Gastric Plication Surgery is that you will only no more than a week to perform everything that you use to. An overnight stay at the hospital is enough for a 45 minutes procedure. The same day of the procedure you can return home and with almost no soreness.

Who is a good candidate for Gastric Plication?

Any patient who has health concerns due to overweight with a 28 of BMI (Body Mass Index). On the patients who have had this surgery, their health has improved, increased and above all a better quality of life due to good weight loss

Advantages of the Gastric Plication altogether are:

In average, an estimated 40-65% of the expected weight loss occurs in the first year after surgery.All morbid-related issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, severe sleep apnea and more occurs on more than 75% of the patients who have gone under this procedure.It is reversible.There is no risk of bleeding due to stapling.


The regular as any other major surgery, infections or bleeding of an internal organ. You want to be careful and avoid some of the frauds out there so you can achieve your weight loss goals.