Executive Summary related with “BMI Chart” by Alex Anfi

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BMI chart is actual science because it conveys really information – a human combination of height and weight suggests an increased risk of a dangerous health problem.

Numerous assume that the notion of weight chart was hatched quite recently, some other product of weight-loss modern culture. A great part of weight chart (BMI chart) value resides in its ease of use.

Mostly, the danger factor jumps as BMI chart gets into the obese grade; mortality rates from all causes are 50 to 100 pct greater for those with a Body Mass Index of 30 or higher in comparison to people with weight chart as normal.

This is not to say that BMI chart is without limits. Because it does not differentiate between fat weight and muscle weight, and because muscle is heavier than fat, people who are muscular tend to score as fatter than they really are.

Correct Weight For My Height – Are You Over Or Under Weight? Gastric Sleeve information Check From the BMI Chart

Executive Summary related with “BMI Chart” by Alex Anfi

Though most of the people are very much concerned about weight loss and always crave for zero sizes, it is also a fact that your weight and height should be balanced. In this regard, the BMI chart would be of great help to you. It is referred to as the best and reliable indicators to help you to know the correct weight for your height.

With the help of the BMI chart, you can easily determine whether your weight is above or below the healthy range. In case you are within the normal range, then it means you are eating the correct amount of food and keeping your weight to the desirable level.

It is a reliable indicator and the score is actually valid for both women and men. However, it has some limits such as:

* It might underestimate the body fat present in the body of aged people and those who lost some amount of muscle mass

* It might overestimate the body fat present in the body of athletes and those who possess a muscular build.

BMI chart categorizes as follows:

* Normal weight: 18.5-24.9

* Obese: 30 or above

* Underweight: less than 18.5

* Slightly above the scale: 25-29-9

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