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We will see you as soon as possible. The staff will ask you a series of questions on the telephone to

Have your insurance card handy when you phone so that we can discuss insurance coverages with you, and we will make arrangements for any pre-certifications required. For a complete list of plans call us.

Depending on the circumstances of your medical condition, you may need to have some specialized testing before your initial office appointment. If this is necessary, our staff will work with you to schedule these appointments as conveniently as possible.

If you cannot travel to Atlanta, we can arrange for a comprehensive record review and telephone consultation with you or your physician. Preliminary testing frequently can also be arranged in facilities in your local area.

For your benefit, please make a request for a copy of all your medical records prior to your consultation and pick them up from your physician(s) office or medical facility. These should include a copy of any recent operative reports and laboratory tests as well as x-ray films (not just reports) and surgical videotapes.

You will meet with our doctor -not a representative of his practice. You will find your consult with him to be personal, informative and even entertaining. This is your opportunity to ask the questions you need answers to -what concerns you the most. Our doctor does not limit the time spent with each patient at this juncture, or any other. Meeting you is vital to developing mutual trust, and you will leave the appointment with knowledge, and hopefully, peace of mind about your choices and decisions.

Many patients experience nervousness during visits to a doctor’s office. This can make it difficult for them to hear and remember all the information given to them. We give information to you on three levels, which can maximize the retention of the important details.

  • You will watch patient education videos to better inform you and your family members about the process.
  • You will meet the office staff, so that as your surgery date approaches and afterwards, you can put a face with their name, and they will remember who you are -because that’s just the way its meant to be.
  • We will give you written materials that you can refer back to when you get home.

    When you have elected that surgery is for you, and that our center will be your health partner, when the insurance is pre-certified and Our doctor writes the order, you can schedule a date for surgery. You will sign an informed consent, reiterating what the surgery is and what the risks are. You will be given instructions about the outpatient surgery center and the times to have your pre-operative visit with the anesthesiologist. Then, you are on the countdown to creating better health!