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In My Office At Home

I guess you’d like to know a little about the person providing you with all this, what I hope will be useful information. Well, as I’ve said my name is Bill Friend and I live in Cwmbran, South Wales in the UK and I’m trying to make a living in a number of ways working from home.

I’m just setting up a new business which will sell a range of sports and general flooring products made from re-cycled rubber using new technology, which will create better quality and more cost effective products than those currently available, very exciting !

I am also as my next on-line project hoping to sell information products.  I currently have one, there’s a link to the right for those of you who play golf.

However the business I’m involved with which will be relevant to you and your search for a fast weight  loss program, is as an independent distributor with Forever Living Products, the largest grower and supplier of aloe vera and bee products in the world.

My wife and I have been with Forever for about 18 months now. We’re both hooked on the products, not only because of the benefits we’ve gained by using them ourselves, but also because of the amazing results achieved by our customers and colleagues in the business. If you’d like more general information about the company please feel free to click on Forever Living Products below which is a link to the company web site, or I’ll gladly provide more information if you email me using the link to the right.

Historically I’ve got quite a long, varied and some might say “interesting” work history making money for other people before I decided to try it for myself, but I won’t bore you with the details here, I could write a book ! Suffice to say I always have and always will be completely open, truthful and upfront with any information I pass on and I’m always pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Ok, enough about me, I guess you’re here because you want to lose some weight, so if you haven’t already done so,  go back to the home page, watch the video about the Clean 9 program and my introduction to the right.  These videos provide a general insight into the program I’m recommending and the reasons I needed to lose weight and decided to try it. Then download my personal diary, in which I tell you on a daily and weekly basis how I  followed the Clean9 weight loss  program, it’s benefits and hardships.

In  my diary of the Clean 9 program and in every post in my Personal Diary page, detailing my progress after finishing Clean9, there will be a link to contact me, please feel free to do so at any time with any questions you may have. Or you can use the link to the right in the contact me box.

So, that’s it about me, now go browse my blog, read all the information and get started you on the path to the “New You”.