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by Dan Solaris

The fast-paced lifestyles people in big cities of the world have nowadays have made it difficult to manage time to do everything one wants to do in a day. The dragging economy has forced a lot of people to work extra hours just to make ends meet and this has made it almost impossible for people to work-out regularly and get flatter abs.

Seeing as I’m in no position to advise you on financial matters and how to earn more, the best I could do is give some tips on how to exercise for more muscle and less fat on a tight schedule. There are still ways to get flatter abs even for people that are busy balancing work and their personal lives.

Quite a few members of society nowadays have trouble working-out consistently. Lack of exercise combined with the rich, fattening food easily available us have made love-handles and potbellies a normal sight on the street and even on the beach.

Losing weight and attaining flatter abs is all about managing daily intake and usage of calories. A healthy diet and workout regimen designed to keep the body’s metabolic rate at optimum calorie-burning levels is all that is really needed to get and maintain six pack abs.

There are numerous advantages to having well developed muscles- a sexy physique, enough strength to move the couch to look for lost coins, and a higher metabolic rate. That’s right- the more we pack-on muscle tissue, the more we’re able to keep off extra blubber.

Because muscle tissue consumes calories just by existing, the more buffed we get, the more we’re able to fight off flab. If ‘The Rock’ for example was lounging on the couch, kicking back with David Spade watching Monday Night Football, he’d be burning way more calories than the comedian- even if the latter would be the one in charge of the clicker.

Combining intense cardiovascular sessions with strength-building exercises will speed-up the process of getting flatter abs. For people that are always on a tight schedule, this is the fastest method of exercising because it burns tons of calories in a short time.

It might be a good idea to choose cardio exercises that you find fun to do- mountain-biking, jogging, martial arts, etc. The trick is to avoid dull and repetitive exercises if you want to be consistent with your workouts. Consistency is the key.

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