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I had RNY Gastric Bypass Oct 23 2007 and I am 14 months post op
www.nowfoods.com is where you can find where it is sold you enter your zip in there store locator and it will tell you “BUT” call them first to see if they carry natural unflavored Now Sports natural unflavored isolate, or if they dont can they get it in for you! Or you can get it on ebay. Kristy

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I too had to ditch …
By: mammabeardee. on 06 Dec 08, 17:23:30
I too had to ditch the whole grain wheat thins! I was getting hooked on them. I have the NowSport protein but have not tried it yet.
I have a flip video …
By: lookingforward73. on 06 Dec 08, 11:43:54
I have a flip video. LOVE it! it’s so super easy to use. The protein powder is great. I buy it off a seller from amazon. Fiber one makes a whole grain pancake mix. You can also make it with cottage cheese. I make protein coffee EVErY single morning.
I think that is a …
By: MissJanieHere. on 05 Dec 08, 02:56:43
I think that is a fabulous idea! Go for it!
Jenn, your welcome! …
By: TTCafterRNY. on 05 Dec 08, 01:19:27
Jenn, your welcome! Kristy
Krisy – that is …
By: weightnC. on 04 Dec 08, 22:25:09
Krisy – that is sooo nice of you. Thanks so much. I haven’t had much luck, so far. I am taking the soy, but I hate every last sip of it. take care – jenn
Oh I am so glad. …
By: TTCafterRNY. on 04 Dec 08, 22:06:39
Oh I am so glad. HECK THAT IS ALOT CHEAPER THEN I PAY WOW< IF YOU GET IT FOR THAT PRICE BUY ALOT OF IT! For 1 lb I pay 15 for 5 pounds 42.00 nice buy it up, I have used this for along time… I love it! Kristy
Hi Jenn, Let me …
By: TTCafterRNY. on 04 Dec 08, 21:56:39
Hi Jenn, Let me do some research for you with the natural trainer I use, with soy unflavored products give me a few days and all get back with you. You will find what works for you it’s frustrating thats why we are here for each other. Kristy Stay Happy girl 🙂
My tummy can’t …
By: weightnC. on 04 Dec 08, 21:35:06
My tummy can’t tolerate whey protein. 🙁 And soy is sooo gross and has the worst consistency. Sounds yummy! Take care – jenn
I did call them! …
By: allforliving. on 04 Dec 08, 21:18:56
I did call them! And they have it! And the price is so reasonable! I was shocked. She said about $9 something for the smaller container and about $15 for the large one! I’m gonna go and get some! Thanks again!
Hello, I put the …
By: TTCafterRNY. on 04 Dec 08, 21:10:45
Hello, I put the link locator on the information bar, just enter your zip in the store locator and it will tell you where you can find it near you, if not I know you can find it on ebay….Kristy
Your so very …
By: TTCafterRNY. on 04 Dec 08, 21:09:31
Your so very welcome, I just replyed to Jane that I am thinking about putting a series of my protein powder on what I use it in, maybe some one would be interested! 🙂 I am glad I helped out, make sure you call the store to make sure they have the natural unflavored, they might have to order the unflavored? Who knows…If ya have any questions let me know, take care Kristy
Hey Jane, thanks …
By: TTCafterRNY. on 04 Dec 08, 21:07:44
Hey Jane, thanks for your reply, I am thinking about doing a seies of videos on what I use this protein powder for? What do ya think? Have a good one… Kristy
Hey, Where do you …
By: bobosmomma. on 04 Dec 08, 20:58:30
Hey, Where do you get that protein powder from?
i love you, i love …
By: allforliving. on 04 Dec 08, 20:22:44
i love you, i love you, i love you! Thanks for making this video! I just located some about a mile from my house! Yay! Thank you!
great video, kristy …
By: MissJanieHere. on 04 Dec 08, 19:37:05
great video, kristy! i always love hearing your tips!