The Tooley Hypnosis Gastric Band Program utilizes your sub-conscious mind to reach your weight wellness through a series of hypnosis and guided imagery sessions, including installation of a “mental gastric band.”

In this installation, a proprietary process assists you to squeeze your stomach wall muscles, forming a small pouch about the size of a golf ball. Your  sub-conscious mind holds the muscle contractions in place when the installation is complete. The effect is that your small pouch fills with a very small quantity of food and you feel full.  You eat less and begin to lose weight because your calorie intake is less than your calorie requirements. 

Gastric band weight loss formula

The formula for gastric band weight loss is the same for either a surgical or a Hypnosis Gastric Band.  Since 1 lb of fat = 3500 calories, losing 2 lbs per week means that 7000 calories must be lost per week (burned in excess of calories taken in).  The way to achieve the 2 lbs / week weight loss is by consumption of 1000 fewer calories per day than are burned. This generally means consumption of less than 1000 total calories per day plus 30 minutes of cardio exercise 3 times a week, adjusted for each individual.

     less than                        30 min   3 times/wk                   weight loss of

1000 cal / day      +        cardio exercise        =        2  lbs/wk 

Since you will be eating less, you will want to make every bite count, so you will choose only the best foods for your nutrition.   A premium multivitamin and a green drink are recommended supplements.

Weekly hypnosis for weight loss

In the weekly hypnosis sessions your mind accepts new attitudes toward food that make it easy for you to select only the best.  The private sessions help you improve your choices when you seek comfort and pleasure and when you are stressed.  The group sessions lend mutual support and address common aspects of the journey.  Nutrition is the subject of many group sessions.

Your pedometer counts your daily movements toward your daily target exercise-movement.  A daily journal, reminder cards, periodic measurements, and a reinforcement hypnosis-imagery audio program for daily listening all help you stay on track.

Hypnosis ups your metabolism to burn stored energy. You thrive on health-promoting foods, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat meats and dairy. Processed and preserved foods are a nightmare that disgusts you. Your weight steadily comes into alignment with your goals!

You use your mind to adjust your Hypnosis Gastric Band to balance your food intake with your energy needs to maintain the weight that you want. You have mastered doing this yourself after the 27 weeks of sessions.  You may choose to subscribe for an optional on-going hypnosis and social support.

Celebrations of successes are a natural part of the program. There are many ways to celebrate that are not food-based yet thoroughly enjoyable to those celebrating.


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