Duke Med News Hypnosis Gastric Band Success Stories

Marion Corns of the UK lost over 50 pounds in a few months with her hypnosis-induced lap band.  Read the SUN NEWS article.

Joh Smith  of the UK lost lost over 55 pounds in a few months with her hypnosis-induced lap band.  Read full story in the London Mirror.

In the two examples above, the hypnosis presented surgery imagery, smells, and sounds.  The mind believed that a physical gastric band was surgically inserted.

SLIMRŽ is different!

The Tooley Hypnosis Mental Gastric BandŽ offers the same results as the hypnosis-induced gastric bands in these stories.  Instead of the memory of surgery, the Tooley SLIMRŽ method uses Stomach-Limiting Induced Muscle Response, your own stomach wall muscles triggered to contract. 

 Here are the comments of Tooley SLIMRŽ program:

“I cannot understand why I am now eating lots of vegetables because I don’t like vegetables and never ate them before.  I didn’t want to give up my caffeine, but I did it easily and now feel so much better.”–Lee Ann

“I love the group sessions because you feel like you are not alone. The CD, jingles, and journal constantly remind you to pay attention to what you are eating. I like the daily reinforcing CD best.” — Vicki

 “I was really surprised when I weighed one week after my mental lap band was installed.  I discovered that I had dropped 5 1/2 pounds. I expected to be hungry like on past diets, but now I just eat a very small amount of food and I feel full and satisfied.” -Cathy

“I have had fibromyalgia for at least 3 years and have had pain everyday, including very severe pain some days, even with medications.  Duncan taught me a simple routine for switching off my pain as part of his Mental Lap Band weight loss program.  After using this process for just two weeks, my pain has decreased 85%.  It’s amazing.  Why don’t more people know about this?” —Vicki

“When I started I thought hypnosis was just a lot of “hooey.”  Now I just eat less naturally. I don’t understand it.  It’s just something inside my head that makes it easy. Now I think about ‘do I want this food or that food’ …  I am making conscious choices.”–Ken

“I lost over 30 pounds after the first 11 sessions.  I am so happy and my doctors are so happy!  My whole life has changed. this is way more than a weight loss program!  –Debi

“My whole family noticed that I am much less stressed.  I take my time eating and I am not so hungry.  My blood pressure is back down to normal and my blood sugar is coming down.  I shed 10 lbs in the two weeks after I had my the mental gastric band installed.” — Albert (a diabetic)

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