Weight Wellness Principles

of the Tooley Hypnosis Gastric Band Program

The Tooley Hypnosis Gastric Band process is based on these weight wellness principles for success:

  1. Hypnosis makes it easy for YOU to lose weight and keep it off.

  2. Your sub-conscious runs your body.  It will constrict your stomach for the effect of a gastric band.

  3. Your inner mind knows the best weight for you and sets your own goal weight.

  4. Your sub-conscious can and will clear emotional issues.

  5. Hypnosis and your mind are your most powerful tools for positive change.

  6. You will commit to do good, kind and nourishing things for yourself.

  7. Your participation in a weekly support system makes everything easy.

  8. Moving your body helps you reach your goals.

  9. Keeping a daily journal keeps you on track.

  10. Private hypnosis sessions are personally tailored to your needs.

    Invest $25 in a 25-minute consultation
to verify for yourself that one of these programs will help you achieve the lasting weight wellness that you want and that it will be easy for you.

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Creator of the Tooley

Hypnosis Gastric Band Process

Duncan Tooley, Hypnotherapist

of a lifetime!

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