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There are programs that assist you in burning fat or building muscle to get what you desire but not much that gives you information on how to keep your results. Matters need to be taken in your own hands to keep those results. Daily activities need to be put in place and its simple things like drinking water and eating foods good for your health.

1. Drink plenty of water, a good approach to drinking more water is to drink water when you wake up in the morning and all through the day. Required during and after exercising. Drink a minimum 64 ounces of water daily or more. Thirst often acts as hunger meaning that the body signals your brain that you’re hungry when you are actually not, you’re just really thirsty.

2. Decrease intake on teas and coffee, back off of fizzy drinks.

3. Take in a piece of fruit or more daily, don’t drink fruit juice that’s NOT 100% juice it is difficult for your body to digest and has plenty of calories.

4. Avoid sports drinks as well, a bottle of that could replace all your calories you’ve burned during your workout, a bottle of water is suggested instead.

5. Make sure you get your breakfast, your goals can only be achieved when eating properly same with efficiently working out. Proven experiments have shown that those who eat breakfast will burn fat at a faster rate and build muscle at a faster rate then those who don’t.

6. Snacks late at night are not acceptable, after 9 o’clock stay out of the kitchen. 3 hours is needed to digest food in your system, when asleep and food in your system it sits there. Since you’re sleeping your metabolism slows down and that food sitting there stores fat.

7. Get vegetables in your system daily, vegetables are a big deal to your health and staying fit. Vegetables aid in burning calories.

8. Sleep sleep sleep, a night’s sleep is great and is one of the best things you can do to staying fit. Sleeping burns fat and builds muscle, when working out you break down muscle tissues and technically you build most of your muscle when you sleep.

9. Have an intake of all food groups daily

10. Keep your routine don’t break it! Number one problem people have is they do a great job with there progress or keeping there results but they miss one workout then two then it’s broken. Turn it into a habit.

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