A Roux-en-Y Gastric bypass is a very extensive surgery, and affects the daily life of each person undergoing this operation immensely. This surgery involves the shortening of the digestive system, most commonly the stomach, in order to reduce the person’s feeding capacity. This is usually done for those that are inflicted one way or another by severe or morbid obesity. However, there are a lot of questions regarding this method, particularly with regards to the correlation between a Roux-en gastric bypass surgery and pregnancy. As most of the people that undergo this procedure are women, this is a legitimate concern, especially to those that are still well within reproductive age.

There have been various studies done to determine the correlation between gastric bypass and pregnancy. And this would be good news for women. It has been found in various studies that yes, it is possible for people that have just underwent gastric bypass surgery to have a safe pregnancy. In fact, the chances of having a healthy pregnancy is somewhat increased in obese people by undergoing gastric bypass surgery. It is a known fact that obesity can cause infertility in women. So losing weight, the most common benefit of undergoing this surgical procedure, can actually increase your chances of being able to conceive a child. In addition, it actually decreases the chances that you will transmit obesity (and the risks associated with it) to your child. Lastly, it would even help you deliver much easier compared if you’re carrying excess weight around.

Now that it has been found (now breathe easy, prospective mothers!) that there is a positive correlation between gastric bypass and pregnancy, what can be done to ensure a successful pregnancy? We all know that gastric bypass shortens the digestive system. This is something that could be the biggest problem that a prospective mother may have. As we all know, a pregnant mother needs and increased amount of food and nutrients in order to give proper nourishment to the developing fetus. How is it going to be done?

If you just had a gastric bypass and pregnancy is something that you are going to face within months, a consultation with the doctor is necessary. With a shortened stomach (in fact, on the average, a bypassed stomach can only accommodate food with a total of 1200 calories per day), ensuring proper nourishment in such a shortened abdominal space can possibly be tricky. With your doctor’s help, you can plan a diet wherein you can still provide the necessary nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients) to your child. With the proper diet, it is still possible to keep your child well-nourished despite the limited capacity of your stomach.

So for the women out there that are considering this surgical procedure, even though it requires special care, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and pregnancy can coexist with each other.