The duodenal switch surgery gives both stomach restriction and decreased absorption. The first part of the surgery is performed by reducing the size of the stomach,  like a gastric sleeve is done. The second part of the surgery is where duodenum is is divided, just below the pyloric valve, off of the remaining intestinal tract. The small intestine is measured from the terminal ileum and the loop is connected to the stomach.  The longer channel leads to better absorption of nutrients and vitamins. Less chance of bowel obstruction and complications. Usually, this surgery needs a larger incision.  This procedure bipasses most of the small intestine.  digestive juices from the pancreas and stomach travel through the biliopancreatic limb and do not mix with the ingested food until the two limbs join to form a common limb close to the colon.

Initial weight loss occurs because surgery patients eat less, and long term occurs because fat and carbohydrates are not absorbed completely.  Sugars are still absorbed. This procedure provides the most malabsorption of the weight loss surgeries.  Patients loose up to 80% of their excess weight over several years.  Risk of diarrhea, malnutrition, and flatulence is greater. Infection, pancreatitis, and leacks can be risks too  Benefits are:

Maximal weight loss can be maintained over longer period

Patients can eat normally after period, because their stomach is larger than bypass

Dumping syndrome does not occur with this surgery

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