Her new book Underage and Overweight: Our Childhood Obesity Crisis–What Every Family Needs to Know explores these complex issues in easy-to-read format, and offers a 7-step plan for raising confident, healthy-weight children.

As in Berg’s other recent books Women Afraid to Eat andChildren and Teens Afraid to Eat –- this new book challenges the cult of thinness. A pioneer in the healthy living or health at any size movement, Berg advocates moving ahead to a health-centered, diet-free approach of helping children and adults of all sizes. She is committed to exposing deception and calls for higher ethics in the frequently-abused obesity field. Her award-winning books are widely recommended by health and nutrition professionals.

In her work with school wellness programs, Berg is lead author of the paper, “Guidelines for Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs,” by the Society for Nutrition Education, a national reviewer for the Michigan plan, “The Role of Michigan Schools in Promoting Healthy Weight,” and serves on the North Dakota Healthy Weight Council, helping develop school materials.

Berg has presented seminars at international and national conferences, and has been a guest on national television, including Oprah, Lezza and Inside Edition.

Her master’s degree is from the University of Minnesota and B.S. from Montana State University, Bozeman. Born in the Missouri River brakes, Berg grew up on a Montana ranch, and has taught high school and college and worked as a county extension agent.

Her organization, Healthy Weight Network, sponsors Healthy Weight Week and “Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day” and presents the Slim Chance Awards, now in their 20th year. As national coordinator of the Task Force on Weight Loss Abuse for the National Council Against Health Fraud, she maintains an extensive collection of fraudulent products and bizarre gadgets that vulnerable Americans are using in their desperate efforts to lose weight.

In other writings, Berg has published Old West Region books under the Flying Diamond Books imprint and other materials. These books are listed below.


  • Masters degree, Family Social Science, University of Minnesota; BS, Montana State University
  • Licensed Nutritionist, North Dakota Dietetic Association
  • Adjunct professor, University of North Dakota School of Medicine, Grand Forks
  • Founder, publisher and 16-year editor of Healthy Weight Journal
  • Lead author “Guidelines for Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs: Promoting Healthy Weight in Children,” Society for Nutrition Education
  • Serves on North Dakota’s Healthy Weight Council, helping develop school materials.
  • Chair of the Task Force on Weight Loss Abuse for the National Council Against Health Fraud (22 years)
  • Author of 12 books.


Healthy Weight Network

  • Underage and Overweight:
    Our Child Obesity Crisis – What Every Family Needs to Know

  • Women Afraid to Eat:
    Breaking Free in Today’s Weight-Obsessed World
  • Children and Teens Afraid to Eat:
    Helping Youth in Today’s Weight-Obsessed World
  • Health Risks of Weight Loss
  • Health Risks of Obesity
  • Weight Loss Quackery and Fads
  • How to Lose Weight the Action Way and
  • Leaders Guide for Action Groups

Flying Diamond Books imprint

  • North Dakota: Land of Changing Seasons
  • South Dakota: Land of Shining Gold
  • Wyoming: Land of Echoing Canyons
  • Ethnic Heritage in North Dakota

Dakota Buttes Visitors Council

  • The Last Great Buffalo Hunts: Traditional Hunts in 1880 to 1883 by Teton Lakota People

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