Have you heard of the AMAZING SUCCESS people are having with the newhypnosis gastric lap band” procedure?

It’s true!

Now there’s a way you can get a “virtual surgery” done – so that you LOSE WEIGHT just as if you had one of those expensive (and risky) GASTRIC BAND SURGERY procedures!

READ THIS if you think Gastric Band Surgery is your “only” option – or if you know anyone who NEEDS to lose weight but doesn’t want surgery…

This is SO good, it BEATS surgery hands down. If you’re thinking of surgery – even if you have it scheduled – cancel the appointment!

There’s NO NEED for it!

Not when you can use the POWER of your MIND to achieve the SAME positive benefit!Fitness

You see, given a choice, wouldn’t you choose an all-natural solution like ‘BRAIN POWER’ over surgical ‘blade power’ and a thick, restrictive BAND cutting down (strangling) one of your VITAL ORGANS!!!

Think about it this way…

On the one hand, SURGERY comes in and totally DISRUPTS everything that’s supposed to happen in your body.


Yes, surgery will make you lose weight. But at what cost?!?

That’s why so many people are now turning to HYPNOSIS as a better, all-natural, preferred way to achieve the same result…


Believe it or not, HYPNOSIS does this JUST AS WELL as surgery!

Surgery just “tricks” your vital organs – which is NOT how nature intended your body to function!

However, nature DOES give you the power to control how you THINK.

And that’s what Hypnosis does for you.


It re-trains your brain – and re-programs your “hunger” instincts!

You actually STOP thinking about being hungry – and naturally reduce your food intake as a result!

You simply WON’T FEEL HUNGRY all the time like you do now.

And therefore you WON’T EAT ALL THE TIME like you probably are now.

You will banish the BAD HABITS that have caused you to put on excess weight.

When you let hypnosis re-train your brain, you will say GOODBYE to…

  • comfort eating
  • habit eating
  • boredom eating
  • binge eating
  • emotional eating
  • and more…

You will take all the bad habits OUT and replace them with nothing but HEALTHY, POSITIVE thoughts about food.

This isn’t “willpower” – because if ‘willpower’ worked, we’d all be SLIM!

This is a replacement for our weak human willpower.

You will simply be “reprogrammed” — from the inside out – to…


And we do this by taking you through a “virtual” GASTRIC LAP-BAND SURGERY PROCEDURE!

i-GBH Diagram 3

That’s right – we hypnotize you and guide your through the actual procedure, as if you were getting it done!

And believe it or not, you will FEEL like you have the gastric lap-band surgically installed!

But without the recovery time and pain, of course.

And without the cost of surgery, too!

Instead, your BRAIN will have been “reprogrammed” to think, act, and react the way it SHOULD when it comes to food.

All your bad habits of over-eating will be GONE!


And it’s all as EASY as listening to the sessions on CD and relaxing at your convenience!

  • In Session 1, we begin the process of getting you physically ready to stop eating so much. This is both a mental and physical change that needs to be made. It includes a change to healthy foods and smaller portions. And that’s why we put this session as the very first thing you must do. Otherwise, your body won’t react properly.
  • In Session 2, we take your through the actual “gastric band surgery” where we give you a “virtual lap band” (in your mind). You’ll immediately “full up” faster on less food, which is THE best way to lose weight!
  • In Session 3, your weight loss will be approached from the psychological as well as the physiological aspects. You will soon be able to overcome comfort eating, habit eating, boredom eating, binge eating, etc.
  • In Session 4, we wrap up everything very nicely so that what gets “built” in the previous sessions is “cemented” for the rest of your life.

And since we’ll be helping you watch what you eat, you also get a free helpful “Food Chart” and “Daily Food Diary” sheet.

And then, to sweeten the offer even more, we also give you the following FOUR FREE E-BOOKS as bonuses…

  • BONUS 1 – “Your Guide To Healthy Eating”
  • BONUS 2 – “36 Potent Foods”
  • BONUS 3 – “Metabolism Masterclass”
  • BONUS 4 – “Exercise Without Effort”

And, to make this offer even more irresistible, it’s backed up by a…

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

of your 
Weight Loss Satisfaction!

If the programme isn’t right for you – you can receive a 100% refund of every penny you paid.

No questions asked. No hard feelings either.

What have you got to lose – except all the weight you’re carrying around for no good reason?!?

You won’t believe the feeling you’ll get after this “virtual surgery” is done.

And the best part is that you’ll LOSE WEIGHT just as if you had one of those expensive (and very risky) GASTRIC BAND SURGERY procedures!

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“i-Gastric Band Hypnosis” Weight Loss Program

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