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surgery is gaining in popularity as we hear so many total success stories that are highlighted by the pure misery of being so overweight to the pure exhilaration of finally reaching a “normal” weight and shedding all the problems associated with being perhaps morbidly obese.

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by the use of

gastric by pass

is made possible when the surgeon creates a very tiny stomach pouch. The rest of the stomach is then permanently separated and divided.

This treatment is efficacious in reducing food intake, and perhaps more importantly it reduces the feeling of hunger by the patient. Thus, it results in an exceptionally sense of fullness. An extremely intense feeling of satisfaction will then follow. This will, of course, severely restrict the amount of calories consumed by the patient.

Why might find that you need gastric by pass surgery? Well, you see when one is very overweight it becomes a serious problem because of the various negative health effects that you might suffer.

It will definitely have an impact on your quality of life, besides making you feel the frustration of having been on a diet and not losing. So, if you suffer from what is termed uncontrollable weight problems, then you will need to learn more about your disease that is called either obesity or morbid obesity, depending on the severity of your obesity.

Thus you should also learn about the most successful way of treating it, which is through weight loss that is brought on by bariatric surgery, known as gastric by pass surgery.

With that one single operation, a gastric by pass, a person will be potentially cured of the exceedingly numerous obesity related medical diseases. These are called co morbidities, and they include diabetes, which is of course a disease that is characterized by those having very abnormally high glucose blood levels. Gastric Sleeve information

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There is also a type of persistently high blood pressure called hypertension. Or you may have a collection on the walls of your arteries that will interfere with blood flow, and that is called high cholesterol. Another co morbidity is the temporary suspension of oxygen that is caused when you stop breathing during sleep, called sleep apnea.

Being obese or morbidly obese also leads to chronic headaches, and possibly venous stasis disease that is marked by discoloration around your lower legs and your ankles. You are also liable to have urinary incontinence, arthritis, and liver disease.

There is, of course, a risk of surgery, for it is an abdominal operation, and there is a chance of complications. An abdominal operation, of any kind, does place undue stress on the human body, and being overweight raises the risks that someone of normal weight may not have. However, each patient needs to carefully assess the risks against the benefits of having gastric by pass surgery.

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