If you are severely overweight and have been unable to successfully lose weight through diet and exercise then you could be a candidate for gastric bypass surgery. This is

an elective surgery

that will reduce the size of your stomach significantly allowing you to feel fuller much faster and in effect lose a tremendous amount of weight in a short amount of time. Your family physician will be your best source of information when it comes to finding a surgeon and or clinic to perform your operation.

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The one consuming thought on many people’s minds is how much a surgery like

gastric bypass cost

. This is not an easy question to answer because there are several variables you have to consider.

The considerations are geographical location, type of insurance you have and potential complications. Some areas of the country do gastric bypass surgeries on a daily basis. These areas have doctors and hospitals that have the process down to a science and therefore their costs are a bit lower than other areas.

When gastric bypass cost first became an issue with patients there were not many insurance companies that would pay for the treatment. Thankfully, with information and education more insurance companies have come on board with paying the high gastric bypass cost. If you have decent insurance and live in an area that offers low cost surgery your out of pocket expense could be as little as $100- $200 total. Of course, without insurance coverage you will be looking at $28,000 or more in gastric bypass cost.

As with any medical procedure there are more gastric bypass cost if you are prone to complications. For instance if you have other underlying medical conditions that will make the surgery more risky you could find yourself paying significantly more for the procedure.

Are You a Candidate? Weight Loss

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Before becoming too concerned with the gastric bypass cost you should consider whether you are a good bypass candidate. The main qualification for

the surgery

is that you be at least 100 pounds overweight. You must have been overweight for at least five years prior to seeking surgery and have no problems with alcohol abuse or underlying psychiatric problems.

Life Changes

After paying the required gastric bypass, cost and going through the procedure and subsequent recovery you will still have to maintain some changes. Your diet will be severely restricted; in fact, there are some foods you will never be able to eat again. You will also have to eat tiny portions and keep up a good regimen of exercise. Gastric bypass is an extreme answer to an extreme problem and should not be chosen lightly. However, most of the people who have had the procedure are more than happy with the results even if their lifestyle had to be radically altered.

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