The foods that are eaten after a gastric bypass surgery is drastically different than the foods that were eaten before.  One of the main features of the

gastric bypass diet

is the smaller portions that will be eaten by those that have undergone the surgery.

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It is the smaller portions that allow the patient

to lose the weight

that they need to without the hunger that is usually associated with such a reduction in food.

Typically the gastric bypass diet immediately after surgery will not allow you to eat at all for one or two days.  Your digestive system has changed in the way that food is processed so there will be some major changes to the way that you eat.

For the first three months the diet is extreme and must be closely followed.  Foods will be introduced slowly over this period of time.  Liquids are the first foods that will be introduced in the diet.

Gradually the food will be pureed on the gastric bypass diet and eventually soft foods will be introduced.  It is important that the diet is followed to ensure proper digestion.  If you closely follow the diet that is monitored by a dietitian after the surgery you will begin to see the results of the surgery.  Weight loss should begin during this period of time.

You will progress through the gastric bypass diet as quickly as your body allows.  There is no tried and true method for moving through the diet and each individual is different.

Just make sure that you are following the instructions and moving at the pace that is recommended by the doctor. Weight Loss   It usually takes three months before you can begin eating regular foods, but there are some patients that move through the process much faster.

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Once you are eating regular foods again it is important that you follow a few guidelines on the gastric bypass diet.  You should make sure that you eat small meals after

the surgery

.  Right after your surgery, your stomach will only hold one ounce of food.

The stomach will stretch over time to accommodate more food at the end of the three month period, it will then be possible to eat a cup to a cup and a half of food at each meal.  Eating more than your stomach can hold will cause you to have pain, nausea and cause you to consume too many calories.

For the gastric bypass diet to be successful you should make sure that you eat slowly and chew your foods completely.  You should also drink liquids in between meals.  The changes that you make to your diet should help you to keep your weight under control. Also, make sure that you take a vitamin and mineral supplement to make sure that you are getting the proper nutrients while you are following this diet plan.

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