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Posted by Bariatric Center on Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Weight Loss Surgery Support Group – Support Meetings Assisted in the Recovery Of Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Looking for bariatric surgery support is critical to letting you effectively navigating your own journey following weight loss surgery. The doctor’s clinic is the best place to get advice for essential inquiries about the surgical treatments however, you need to have a place to ask other people the small everyday questions. Bariatric surgery support organizations really are a setting to talk about your own achievements and also locate support to help you get over the hard times. You’ll find nothing is just like having counsel of somebody who has previously encountered what you are in the days following surgery. The following is how to locate bariatric surgery help through weight loss surgery support groups.

Support organizations frequently help pre-operative patients gain knowledge from the ordeals of post-operative weight loss surgery patients. The brand new weight loss surgery patients present an exceptional opportunity to connect with other folks, seek advice, as well as discuss their own expectations and fears. Usually you’ll find that the medical doctor will certainly visit from time to time to answer challenging health-related concerns coming from the support group and will typically defer the rest of the meeting to the support group director.

Throughout the time that people proceed through the help process, particularly in the initial year following surgical treatment, education and the human touch is essential. Many are not really ready for the struggles that the changes may bring to their way of life, and it will help to lean on other people who have been down that path. The surgery has a way of attracting individuals to other people who are going through the very same process. These days, increasingly more bariatric treatment centers are likely to employ the support of expert advisors, dieticians, trainers, doctors, and also beauty specialists who can bring their expertise to encouraging the overall success of their patients. Patient support is basically the key component to achieving your objective.

In the event you are not able to find a group to join up for post weight loss surgical procedure support, think about starting up your own. Search for some other patients locally and put together a gathering. Virtually every person that has fighting the battle following bariatric surgery is seeking a support group if they do not have one currently.

Reducing your weight and also adhering to the surgeon’s orders is easier when there is a support network included. The majority of bariatric patients have some sort of problems with self image in blaming themselves along with difficulty with having an emotion powered love affair with food. These challenges must be resolved.

Weight loss surgery support meetings should not be a spot where you experience guilt , but you’ll be motivated and uplifted. Individuals who undergo shame must understand the human reality of what is happening. Realize that, as a medical patient, you have help available. Individuals that do not understand this are stuck on a likely path of failure. Whenever you don’t partake in group gatherings, you lose the chance to get assistance from other patients. Connecting with other patients is a powerful tool in maintaining the fight for a healthy lifestyle with less weight.

It is very helpful for you to explore the scenarios of what sometimes happens after bariatric surgery by talking to other people who have recently been through it. Bear in mind that individuals can provide a level of know-how and experience that will help lead you throughout the whole recovery process. Support groups often result in mentorship of group members. The encouragement and information can be an excellent asset to anybody losing weight by way of medical treatment. Mentors can be a fortress in times when you don’t seem to want to go any further on your quest to losing weight. The camaraderie that you get with your own mentor and the others in the group meeting will help to alleviate the worry of having to go at it by yourself.

Get off your high horse and understand that you can learn from other people’s problems. Every person makes mistakes, and if you are in a position to talk it out with other people, you will find that you can cope and adjust to your personal circumstances. It will help to have someone that you can talk to and who will recognize the trials that you are going through. It will also help you achieve success in your quest to burning off your excess weight. In these group meetings, you will make wonderful friendships. Don’t go with a mentor, it will just harm you in the long run. Why would you desire to be alone? You will discover that there is strength in numbers.

Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups are not only about speaking up about your difficulties. You will discover that they are pretty entertaining social events as well. Before your surgery, I would recommend that you go to a support group just to get a really feel for what people were experiencing. By doing this you’ll have a good indication of what you should expect. Just go to a meeting and pay attention. Don’t be reluctant to ask the tough questions. Frequent attendance of these meetings will allow you to stay in contact with the successful patients who can present you with assistance when you need it most. You’ll discover that it will take you to a place of healing. All things considered, the surgery is only the beginning, because this is an ongoing battle. Meetings are a safe place to congregate with others and talk about the stories of your recovery from obesity. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and join a wls meeting and experiencing new way of living!

Alabama Bariatric Surgery Support Meetings

City: Montgomery, AL
Contact: Peter Carroll
Email: petekf4qoe@charter.net
Phone: 334-263-9223

City: Mobile, AL
Contact: Mersey Whitehead
Phone: 251-435-3905

City: Anniston, AL
Contact: Joyce Johnson
Phone: 256-236-1300 or

City: Birmingham, AL
Surgeon: Dr. Bryan Freeman
Contact: Rona Scott
Phone: 205-838-6589

City: Helena, AL
Contact: Jan
Phone: 205-665-5757

Alaska Weight Loss Treatment Support Groups Meetings

City: Anchorage, AK
Phone: 907-929-4263
Surgeon: Dr. Todd

Arizona Weight Loss Treatment Support Groups

City: Phoenix
Contact: Kristi Chavez
Phone: 602-943-8475
Surgeon: Dr. Zahn

City: Phoenix, AZ
Contact: Carolyn Williams, RN
Phone: 480-515-6296

City: Tucson, AZ
Contact: Jeann Fishback
Phone: 520-885-6928
Surgeon: Juarez 2002

City: Yuma, AZ
Contact: Dixie Power
Phone: 928-783-7142
Email: jdpower520@aol.com

Arkansas Gastric Bypass & Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups Groups
City: Fort Smith, AR
Contact: Beverly Sinkuler
Phone: 479-651-6513
Surgeon: Dr. Janes

California Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

City: Sacramento
Contact: Mary O’Brien
Phone: 916-988-1434
Email: nursemary@comcast.net
Surgeon: City: Santa Rosa
Contact Name: Beth Venable http://www.sonomacountyrnysupportgroup.4t.com
Contact Email: EAV38@aol.com
Name of Surgeon: Robert Woodbury

This weight loss surgery group meets the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts from 10AM – noon.

City: Palm Springs, CA
Contact: Marsha Yousef, RN
Phone: 760-323-6346

City: Torrance, CA
Contact: Dr.Marcy Rosenzweig Leavitt
Phone: 323-540-2808
Email: dr.marcy@yahoo.com
Surgeon: Dr. Theodore Khalili

City: San Jose, CA
Contact: Candy
Phone: 408-432-6294
Surgeon: Pamela Foster

City: Bakersfield, CA
Contact: Kim Williamson
Phone: 661 363-9246
Surgeon: Dr. Edward Fleix

City: Modesto, CA
Contact: Jennifer Downs-Colby
Phone: 209-569-7578

City: Woodland Hills, CA
Contact: Sharon Wolfe, Support Group Leader
Meeting Information:
at Kaiser-Permanente, Entrance 5, Auditorium A
2nd Saturday of each month
RSVP to wlsgroup@hotmail.com?
Phone 818-705-1702

City: Merced, CA
Contact: Jackie Gregory
Phone: 209-724-0237

City: Merced, CA
Contact: Linda Bartley
Phone: 209 756-9420

Colorado Bariatric Support Meetings

City: Colorado Springs, CO
Contact: Shelly Bennington
Phone: 719-570-7755
City: Fort Collins
Contact: Pam
Surgeon: Northern Colorado Surgical Association

Connecticut Bariatric WLS Support Groups

City: Ansoni, Waterbury, Manchester
Contact: Liza Branch
Phone: 203-225-8396,
Home 203-736-0741

City: Hamden, CT
Contact: Judy Szwaya
Phone: 203-288-9315
Email: judys43@snet.net
Surgeon: Dr. R. Reinhold

City: New London
Contact: Beth Farbotka
Phone: 860-446-2528
Email: farboea@aol.com
Surgeon: Dr. Robert Bell

Delaware WLS Support Groups

City: Laurel, DE
Western New Life WLS Support Group
Contact Name: Heather O’Connor
Contact Phone: 302-536-1870 or 302-344-8764
Contact Email: meannevil2@yahoo.com
Name of Surgeon: Dr. Gail Wynn
Comments: All access group.

City: Long Neck, DE
Eastern New Life WLS Support Group
Contact Name: Joanne Hammond
Contact Phone: 302-947-0417
Contact Email: hambear73@aol.com
Comments: All access group open to everyone interested in help on their weight loss journey.

City: Newark, DE
Contact: Ellen Clevenger-Firley
Phone: 302-661-3006

District of Columbia Bariatric Support Meetings Group

City: Washington, DC
Contact: Mandy- Weight for Life
Phone: 202-659-0240
Surgeon: Dr. Joseph Afram

Florida Bariatric Support Meetings

City: Weston, FL
Contact: Emily Wong-Swartz, MS, RD, LD/N
Phone: 954-659-5872
Email: swartze@ccf.org
Surgeon: Raul J. Rosenthal, MD, FACS, Samuel Szomstein, MD, FACS

City: Jacksonville, FL
Contact: LaWanda Hill
Phone: 904-755-5085
Email: wlsjacksonville@yahoo.com

City: Saint Cloud, FL
Contact: Jennifer Hall
Phone: 407-891-8780

City: Milton, FL
Surgeon: Dr. Joseph Althar

City: Brandon, FL
Contact: Denise Shreaves
Email: taznisie@yahoo.com
Surgeon: various

City: Port Charlotte, FL
Contact: Joy Moder
Phone: 941-204-3044
Email: Bypass_buddies@yahoo.com
Surgeon: Dr.Butler

Georgia Bariatric Weight Loss Support Meetings

City: Northern Metro Atlanta
Contact: Lauralyn Bellamy
Phone: 404-394-3900
Email: embodysuccess@msn.com

City: Gainesville, GA
Contact: Surgeon’s Office
Phone: 770-534-0110
Surgeon: Dr. Procter/Dr. Richard

City: Conyers
Contact: Elaine
Phone: 770-760-0182
Surgeon: Kermie Robinson MD

City: Metro Atlanta
Contact: Deb Martinez
Phone: 731-444-4554
Surgeon: Dr. John Daly

Hawaii WLS Support Groups

Castle Medical
http://www.castlemed. Bariatrics com

Idaho Weight Loss Surgery Support Meetings Groups
City: Twin falls, ID
Contact: Tak-ming Ko, M.D.,P.A.
Phone: 208 732-8140
Surgeon: Tak-ming Ko, M.D.

Illinois Weight Loss Surgery Support Meetings

City: Tinley Park
Contact: Tony Romeo
Phone: 708-229-5969

City: Moline, IL
Contact: Theresa Hensley
Phone: 309-792-4059 or 309-737-9421

City: River Forest
Contact: New Hope, IL
Phone: 708-386-1078
Surgeon: Drs. Marvin & Frederick Tiesenga

Indiana Bariatric Weight Loss Support Meetings

City: Indianapolis, IN
Surgeon: Dr. Rosamarie Jones

City: Evansville, IN
Contact: Vicki Woods
Phone: 812-682-3466

City: Merrillville, IN
Contact: Dan Broadaway
Phone: 219-947-2309

Iowa Gastric Bypass & Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

City: Fort Dodge, IA
Contact: Phyllis Ver Steeg
Phone: 515-955-6797
Email: info@iowabariatrics.com
Surgeon: Kyle R. Ver Steeg M.D.

City: Cedar Falls
Contact: Matthew Glascock, MD
Phone: 319-268-3560
City: Sioux City, IA
Contact: Deb Webster
Phone: 712 279-5848

Kansas Bariatric Support Meetings

City: Topeka, KS
Contact: Brenda Kenworthy
Phone: 785-228-4773
Brent Steward, MD
Bernita Berntsen, MD
Carlyle Dunshee, MD

City: Kansas City, KS
Contact: Barb Stras
Phone: 913-381-1979
Surgeon: All Surgeons in the metro Kansas City area.

Kentucky Weight Loss Surgery Support Meetings

City: Louisville, KY
David Geller, MD
Bariatric Surgeons of Kentuckiana
4001 Dutchmans Lane, Suite 1E
Louisville, Kentucky 40207
FAX 502-893-7020

City: Bowling Green, KY
Contact: Barbara Pitcock
Phone: 270-781-1534 (after 7 Pm)
Email: barbnov55@msn.com
Surgeon: Dr David Dyer

City: Providence
Contact: Elaina Bolser
Phone: 270-667-5093
Email: elainabolser@yahoo.com

Louisiana WLS Support Meetings

Metairie WLS Support Group
Metairie, LA

Southern Surgical Hospital,
Slidell, LA

Maine Weight Loss Treatment Support Groups

City: Portland
Contact: Cindy Michaud
Phone: 207-247-2376
City: Augusta, ME
Surgeon: Dr.Aslum and Dr.Zidian

Maryland Gastric Bypass & Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

City: Taneytown, MD
Contact: Pamela Robertson
Phone: 410-751-1879
Surgeon: Dr. Singh

City: Frederick, MD
Contact: Susan
Email: susanw1362@aol.com

Massachusetts Weight Loss Treatment Support Groups Groups
City: Norwood, MA
Contact: Dr. Arthur Glasgow and Dr. Adam Glasgow
Caritas Norwood Hospital
825 Washington St, #160, Norwood, MA 02062
Phone: 781-769-5550
Email: info@glasgowandglasgow.com

City: Boston, MA
Contact: Frank Johnson
Phone: 617-933-7656
Email: alc3383@isd-media.com

City: Boston, MA
Contact: Steven Cole
Phone: 617-507-5579
Email: s-c-aads8857@superfancyemail.com

City: Boston
Contact: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Phone: 617-667-2845
Surgeon: D. Jones, B. Schneider, V. Sanchez

City: Boston, MA
Contact: Frank Johnson
Phone: 505-212-5124
Email: bed3995@radar3000.com?

City: Cape Cod, MA
Contact: Daniel Krueger
Phone: 617-515-7758
Surgeon: BIDMC Surgeons – Drs Mun, Schneider, Sanchez, & Jones

City: Boston, MA
Contact: Daniel Krueger
Phone: 617-515-7758
Surgeon: BIDMC Surgeons – Drs Mun, Schneider, Sanchez, & Jones

Michigan Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

City: Traverse City
Contact: Mary, MI
Phone: 231-941-0435
Surgeon: Wayne Vanderkolk

Minnesota Bariatric Weight Loss Support Meetings

City: Fridley
Contact: LaDonna Robinson
Phone: 763-236-2035
Surgeon: Daniel R. Baker, Frederick W. Johnson

Mississippi WLS Support Meetings

City: Jackson
Contact: David Hales
Phone: 601-488-1051

Missouri Bariatric Weight Loss Support Meetings

City: Kansas City, MO
Contact: Sandy Riles
Phone: 816-932-5378
Email: sriles@saint-lukes.org
Surgeon: Dr. John Price

City: St Joseph, MO
Contact: Rick Felzien
Phone: 816-676-1212
Email: stjosephwlssg@yahoo.com

City: Moberly, MO
Contact: Michelle Mulnix
Phone: 660-295-4711

City: Springfield, MO
Contact: Cathy Wilson
Phone: 417-724-1687
Email: cathylw@cebridge.net
Surgeon: Christopher Edwards, MD and Cameron Hodges, MD

Montana Weight Loss Treatment Support Groups

Nebraska WLS Support Meetings

Nevada Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

City: Las Vegas
Contact: Sheryl Titone
Phone: 702-249-9140
Surgeon: Alan Y Newhoff

New Hampshire Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

City: Manchester, NH
Contact: Bariatric Surgery Program
Phone: 603-695-2840
Surgeon: Dr. David Gould, MD

New Jersey WLS Support Meetings
City: Galloway, NJ
Contact: Susan Johnston
Phone: 609-404-0916

City: Belleville, NJ
Contact: Barbara James
Phone: 973-687-5417
Surgeon: Dr Daniel Davis

City: Hamilton, NJ
Contact: Deborah Maguire RN
Phone: 609-584-6759

City: Edison, NJ
Email: marc@ibodywise.com
Surgeon: Marc Sylvester

New Mexico WLS Support Meetings

City: Albuquerque
Contact: Stacey Hunter
Phone: 505-899-0923

New York WLS Support Groups

City: Schenectady, NY
Contact: Pamela Spicer
Email: spicersunshine@aol.com
Surgeon: Lirio & Clark

City: Springville
Contact: Felecia Meyers
Phone: 716-496-5191
Email: FMeyers@Pion.wnyric.org
Surgeon: Caruana

City: St. Albans
Contact: Diana
Phone: 718-464-7827
Surgeon: Dr. Macura

City: Binghamton
Contact: Donna Kerila
Phone: 607-757-2626
Email: dkerila@stny.rr.com

City: Farmington
Contact Joanne Donaldson
Phone: 315-986-3836

North Carolina Bariatric Support Meetings
City: Charlotte, NC
Contact: Jennifer Sawyer
Phone: 704-347-4144
Email: jrsawyer@southeastbariatrics.com

Surgeon: Dr. David Voellinger
City: Charlotte, NC
Contact: Jennifer Sawyer
Phone: 704-472-4602
Email: jenjantsch@yahoo.com

City: Greenville, NC
Contact: Crystal Frye
Phone: 252-758-7957
Surgeon: Dr. Balder

City: Mooresville, NC
Contact: Linda Sue Smith
Phone: 704-905-8540
Surgeon: Dr. Roc Bauman

City: Bessemer City
Contact: Nikki Huddle
Phone: 704-867-5508
or 704-678-7412
Surgeon: Dr. Roc Bauman (Concord, N.C.)

Ohio WLS Support Groups

Oklahoma Weight Loss Treatment Support Groups

City: Tulsa
Contact: Dianna Pullen
Phone: 918-369-9024

City: Moore/Norman
Contact: Connie Barnhill
Phone: 405-360-8965

City: Duncan
Contact: Karin Lerew, Satellite Support Group Coordinator
Phone: 940-781-9955 or 940-723-0158?
Email: klerew@prairieskys.com
Surgeon: Kenneth Warnock

Oregon Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

City: Hood River, OR
Contact: Office
Phone: 541-387-6125
Fax: 541-387-6321
Surgen: David Maccabee, MD

City: Roseburg, OR
Contact: Melonie
Surgeon: DR. Bret Hansen
City: Salem and Portland
Contact: Mary Lou Greenwood
Phone: 503-571-3082
Surgeon: Kaiser Permanente

Pennsylvania Bariatric Weight Loss Support Meetings

City: Brownsville, PA
Contact: Theresa
Phone: 724-632-5668
Email: newbeginningstq05@yahoo.com

City: Phoenixville, PA
Contact: Marilyn Gropper & Kathy Cesario
Phone: 610-415-1318
Email: kbc0219@aol.com?
Meetings are for both pre-ops & post-ops locally. Everyone is welcome regardless of doctor.

City: Johnstown, PA
Contact: Benny O’Connor, RNC
Phone: 814-534-9471

City: Hazleton, PA
Contact: Jane Lashock, RN
Phone: 570-459-5607
Surgeon: Dr. Michael Bono City: Easton
Contact: Amanda Nyce, RN
Phone: 610-250-4116
Surgeon: James Koren, MD

City: Latrobe
Contact: Thersa Bellus
Phone: 724-836-5905

City: Langhorne, PA
Phone: 215 702 7600
Surgeon: Dr. Neil Marymor, Dr Christopher Kaczmiarski

City: York, PA
Contact: Dan Ort
Phone: 717-854-7772
Surgeon: Dr John Monk

City: Lewistown, PA
Contact: Amy McKelvey
Phone: 717-247-2796
Surgeon: Patient-Run

City: Hershey, PA
Contact: Janelle McLeod
Email: jmcleod@psu.edu
Surgeon: Dr. Robert Cooney, Dr. James Ku, Dr. Randy Haluck

City: Pittsburgh, PA
Contact: Sally Stewart
Phone: 412-531-6177

City: Hazleton, PA
Contact: Jane Lashock, RN
Phone: 570-459-5607
Surgeon: Dr. Michael Bono

City: Fairfield, PA
Contact: Stephen Moats
Phone: 717-762-2494
Surgeon: Dr. James Ku

City: Aliquippa
Contact: Darla Evans, Registered Dietician
Phone: 724-857-1309
Surgeon: New Life Bariatrics

South Carolina WLS Support Groups

City: Charleston, SC
Contact: Jacquie Foster
Email: jacquiehowe@hotmail.com
Surgeon: Dr. Michael Sabback

City: Greer, SC
Contact: Gayle Corbin
Phone: 864-879-2040
Surgeon: Dr. David M. Hall

City: Conway, SC
Contact: Jerrie Vibbert
Phone: 843-234-1725

South Dakota Gastric Bypass & Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

Tennessee Gastric Bypass & Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

City: Clarksville, TN
Contact: Amy Lawrence
Phone: 931-431-3542
Surgeon: William Steely

City: Johnson City, TN
Contact: Pat Cline
Phone: 423-245-6198

Texas Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

City: Dallas,TX
Contact: Dwayne Guccione – Psy Med
Phone: 214-348-5557
Email: psymed@msn.com

City: Abilene,TX
Contact: Barbara Dahl
325-692-0112 or 325-669-6356
Email: barbara@abilene.com
Surgeon: Kenneth Warnock

City: Wichita Falls,TX
Contact: Kim Smith
940-764-3366 or 940-224-995
Email: kimbs@sbcglobal.net
Surgeon: Kenneth Warnock

City: Amarillo,TX
Contact: Karin Lerew, Satellite Support Group Coordinator
Phone: 940-723-0158 or 940-781-9955
Email: klerew@prairieskys.com
Surgeon: Kenneth Warnock

City: Killeen/Fort Hood, TX
Contact: Doug or Susan Edwards
Phone: Phone: 254-526-1142
Email: TexicanKing@hot.rr.com
Surgeon: Kenneth Warnock

City: Grand Prairie,TX
Surgeon: Dr. John Alexander

City: Mesquite, TX
Contact: Ken Koshar
Phone: 972-698-6152

City: League City, TX
Contact: Susan
Phone: 281-554-8223
Surgeon: Dr. A. Naaman

City: San Antonio, TX (Lackland AFB)
Contact: Marie Keys
Phone: 210-292-3404
Surgeon: Dr. Goldberg, Bowers & Jenkins

City: Weatherford, TX
Contact: Edwina Himes
Phone: 817-694-0897

City: Denton, TX
Contact: Leah
Phone: 940-382-7321
Surgeon: Daryl A. Stewart M.D.

Utah Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

Virginia Gastric Bypass & Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

City: Winchester,VA
Contact: Michelle Kniceley or Karol Truetle
Phone: 540-327-8606
or 540-247-3872 Karol
Surgeon: Dr. Glembot and Dr. Bechamps

City: Fredericksburg,VA
Contact: Cathy Peterjohn
Phone: 540-741-1680
Surgeon: Dr. Bradford King

City: Richmond,VA
Contact: Faye S. Ashby
Phone: 804-266-3670
Surgeon: Dr. Neil Hutcher

City: Fairfax,VA
Staple Club
Meets at Inova Fair Oaks Professional building on Monday once a month
Contact: Sally Myers, RD, CPT
Email: sallycpt@aol.com

Washington WLS Support Groups

City: Port Angeles, WA
Contact: Judy Suess
Phone: 360-681-0837
Email: judys@wavecable.com

City: Bellingham, WA
Contact: Amy Edminster
Phone: 360-966-0432

City: West Richland, WA
Contact: Carleen Golden
Phone: 509-967-3538

City: Bellevue/Mercer Island/Seattle, WA
Contact: Julia Ziobro
Phone: 425-947-4541 24/7 voice mail
Surgeon: Each of these are local bariatric surgeons; more than ten are represented in there meetings through patients.

West Virginia Bariatric WLS Support Groups

City: Morgantown, WV
Contact: Debby
Phone: 304-599-1448
Surgeon: Dr. Mark Johnson

City: Bridgeport, WA
Contact: Eileen Brown
Phone: 304-842-5365

City: Huntington, WA
Contact: Joy Nutter
Phone: 526-8278
Surgeon: Dr. Tim Robarts

Wisconsin Gastric Bypass & Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

City: Waukesha, WI
Contact: Megan O’Driscoll
Phone: 262-522-8300
Toll Free 888-512-8300
Surgeons: David Engstrand, MD
Manfred Chiang, MD
James Burhop, MD

City: Wausau, WI
Contact: Patricia Unger
Phone: 715-675-4120
Surgeon: Dr. Matthew Johnson

City: Brookfield, WI
Contact: Megan O’Driscoll, RN
Phone: 262-522-8300
Surgeon: Engstrand, Chiang, Burhop

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