Gastric Bypass (Something I do not understand)?

This is not to judge or a bad thing or is it just something I questioned: For many Gastric Bypass Patients, I have seen shows such as medicine wholesale, for r ‘to perform Operation of the person usually has to lose 30 50 pounds on a liquid diet. My question is whether they can lose 30 – £ 50 for which risk of getting the operation, why not continue to lose weight on your own when you can?

When an obese person loses weight on a diet, they almost always gain back. The rate of successful dieters from morbid obesity is less than 1%. The body thinks its hungry and produces hormones which not only slows the metabolism, but you feel more hungry you really are, forcing you to eat. This is why everyone complains about the yo-yo dieting. Once you’re over 100 pounds overweight, the odds are stacked very you. The success rate of stomach surgery for weight loss exceeds 98%. Some people gain back because they fail to obtain advice to help them on their food addiction, which is very important, but almost everyone stays healthy weight after surgery and the yo-yo is gone. It sets also almost all co-morbidities that come with extreme obesity. No amount of diet in the world to cure diabetes, but this operation usually does. It also sets the blood pressure – and not just because of the weight loss, but for reasons not quite understood: The People on medication for high blood pressure usually need to stop taking it within 48 hours after surgery because their blood pressure problems will already be set at that speed, and the medicine will bring the pressure too low. 48 hours! This is not the loss weight – it is surgery. Even cancer rates has been shown to decrease dramatically. The risk is not to have surgery – Is not to have surgery and instead of suffering through all co-morbidities, at least one that will eventually kill you. Surgery saves your life. But unless you weigh less than the time of surgery, complications unless it could be. So if you can temporarily lose a large amount, then surgery will be faster, safer and easier – plus you’ll have much of a head start on weight loss after surgery. The key is to try time for the transaction happens at the bottom of the cycle of yo-yo. This is the hardest part. I am six months from my surgery and have lost 115 pounds. I am now able to go to the gym almost every day when I run 3 miles on the treadmill and lift weights. Such activity would have been absolutely impossible for me six months ago. Not that I did not want to develop and be active – it was that it was simply not possible. I still have 100 pounds to go – When the last time you saw a man 100 pounds overweight run 3 miles in 40 minutes? I do it all day on the treadmill. My blood pressure is around 105/65 – an athlete. Before surgery, he looked more like 170/95. My feet have ceased to hurt, I have ceased to tread my ankles every few weeks, I was diagnosed with diabetes one month before surgery completely disappeared, I’m fitting in clothes I have not worn in 15 years, I can sit comfortably in a booth or a restaurant airplane seat (both of which was impossible in six months). This is why people of surgery. To establish their lives in and plans can not do. But make no mistake: I have a life plan before me. One year after surgery, the people who obtained without realizing that is only a tool will start gaining weight back. It is a tool to get life started in the right direction. It the person to continue this way. It will be harder to maintain a low weight for people who have never been so heavy because people who have never been heavy do not have the problems that lead to obesity in the first place. The surgery is no quick fix. It is a commitment life to a diet more important and life changing than any power of a normal person could continue.

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