Gastric pain

is something that can range from almost unnoticeable to a pain severe enough to double your body over and make you totally incapacitated with pain. There are three recognized and identifiable types of pain.

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The first is

acute gastritis

. This is nothing more than an inflammation of the inner lining of the stomach. This form of pain can be caused by lots of things. Chemicals such as aspirin or ammonium chloride can cause a bout with this form of

gastric pain


There are also physical irritants, which include the usual suspects like spicy foods can also cause it to happen. The symptoms of this form of pain or infections are nausea, epigastrium, vomiting, fever, diarrhea and the like.

The next form of gastric pain is known as chronic gastritis and this can often follow an attack of acute gastritis or can be a part of a lack of digestive juice in the stomach, a result of malnutrition a part of the deadly congestive heart failure or uremia.

The problem here is that there are truly no typical symptoms but the person can experience pain or some level of distress in the epigastrium. He or she may have a decided loss of appetite and the abdomen may even show some signs of distention and he or she may even have symptoms that mimic a peptic ulcer.

Finally a peptic ulcer is one of the more intense forms of gastric pain that you can have. These can be brought on by emotional issues that have to do with psychogenic problems. Healthy Weight Loss This causes a pain that is likened to being on fire in the stomach.

The person with this type of affliction will quite often complain of having sensations like cramping. This will usually happen within an hour and sometimes within 30 minutes of eating. If however the pain doesn’t onset until several hours after the ingestion of the meal, this would tend to indicate a duodenal ulcer

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The gastric pain with this type of issue is burning and cramping and will sometimes seem to radiate to the back around the area of the eighth to the twelfth vertebrae. It is usual for this pain to be rather steady and to last from an hour to several hours at a time.

No form of gastric pain should be dismissed and left untreated because any of them can be an indicator of underlying problems that if taken care of when they come up can stay off a much more serious condition, the massive coronary being one of the most serious conditions that might be indicated by this type of pain.

Your body often uses pain as a warning that other things are happening and we need to learn to heed those warnings.

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