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Weight loss meal programs and the importance of fruits and vegetables run hand in hand. One without the other will make the task of weight loss much more difficult. Even with these recommended foods it is a good idea to delve into the caloric and nutrient value of them and make the best choices. Like many things, these food stuffs are not equal.

When compared to all other items on the food pyramid, fruits and vegetables are among the best, and the most unlimited foods we can eat. Added to our daily diets, these foods are so rich in vitamins and nutrients they have been shown to repress many chronic diseases. The methods of losing weight are numerous, but some have been found to be harmful. Losing your health along with weight loss makes the effort unreasonable.

On any given day we will see a shopper in the produce department examining apples for bruises or squeezing a tomato to check for firmness. This is all well and good because we all want the freshest product available. Yet none of these rituals have anything to do with preparing them or the best way to add them to our diet.

Many people are advised that produce that is the richest in color will contain the most nutrients. I suppose this has some merit when you put together a toss salad containing a wide variety of vegetables. A fruit smoothie can be tasty and refreshing, while satisfying your urge for something sweet. A bowl of berries of your choice are nature’s treats. Who can deny the succulence of a red ripe strawberry in season or raspberries as big as your thumb.

The lack of calories with high nutrient value makes leafy greens one of the highest ranking in the family of vegetables. Admittedly, some of them are not highly tasteful in their natural state but depending on how you prepare them will decide how many nutrients they will retain. Boiling is the worst, while steaming is the recommended way to cook them.

As for the sugar found in fruit, it is a natural ingredient so unlike the sugar used in cakes and candies. If some sugar has to be added to the morning cup of coffee, try and use honey or brown sugar. These are closer to the natural by product of fruits, and are used better in the body.

Dieting or not, fruits and vegetables play a major role in the human body. Not only do they supply vitamins and minerals, but they are great boosters of energy levels. Our immune systems are also in peak condition. Swallow a vitamin pill? They can help, but it is better get essential nutrients from a variety of good food.

Denise Osborne is your average American woman who eats what she wants and stays thin. For an easy, yet effective weight loss meal program to help you lose weight and keep it off while still eating french fries, please visit the Weight Loss Meal Program website.