Gastric Sleeve Losing Weight In Menopause


There is a big difference in being able to lose weight in menopause very quickly and losing weight and to keep it for long. It may be disheartening for some to know that all the fad diets that promise expedient results always end up being ineffective over the long term.

There are two important facts that determine gastric sleeve weight loss: your eating habits and your metabolism.

Your eating habits are the most essential element in losing weight in menopause over the long term. Losing weight quickly a lot of the time means using some weird way of eating that cannot be kept this way in the long run. Long term results that remain even after you diet are unlikely to come from certain fad diets that call for heavy restrictions or promote only certain foods. The reason is quite simple; quick fix diets do not teach you the healthy eating habits required to maintain weight loss in the long-term. You will not learn proper and healthy eating habits through any of these fad diets, which means the weight returns as soon as you stop. When you go back to your regular diet and your bad eating habits, you will get your weight back in a short time. Since you did not learn what to eat to keep your weight off, you will waste all the effort you put into it. Of course, that can mean a whole lot of disappointment.

The body’s metabolism would be the second vital factor in losing weight in menopause over the long term. The minimal amount of food that your body needs in order to run itself properly is related to your metabolic rate, which is the rate at which calories are expended by your body. The body and metabolism are sensitive to any alterations in your usual diet. This means that if you are to lower your food intake, your metabolism will respond by decreasing the metabolic rate to stay in tune with the lower levels of energy available. Once you start to increase your caloric intake again, the body needs to adjust its metabolic rate upwards again in order to consume the extra calories; but, in the meantime, chances are you will gain weight.

But this won’t be without side effects. You have to know that this kind of dieting and losing weight in menopause is actually very harmful. When you repeat this process several times through your life, you will end up gaining more weight than your initial weight loss.

 Losing weight in menopause quickly will actually make your goals of long-term weight loss much more difficult to accomplish. Any diet fads are detrimental to your health and well-being. Weight loss is something that cannot be reasonably achieved overnight. What took some time for you to acquire may take just as long to lose.

Include lots of fruits and vegetables with a bit of lean protein and healthy carbohydrates, and the goal will be much more winnable.

 Watch out for the diets which make unrealistic promises that are only guaranteed to sabotage your goals of keeping the weight off permanently.

You can stop your straggle and find the right way to losing weight in menopause.