Vertical sleeve gastrectomy is also known as the Gastric Sleeve

is among the most sought after bariatric surgical treatments requested by morbidly obese individuals. The concept in vertical sleeve gastrectomy is to physically lessen the volume of the stomach sack, consequently decreasing desires for excess food. After surgery, there is a substantial reduction in weight.

For morbidly obese patients with a BMI of more than 60, standard gastric bypass operations such as the roux-en-y, presents a high degree of risk. For precision, gastric sleeve is utilized as this procedure can be done easily through a laparoscope and with remarkably much less danger. When adequate fat is shed, another procedure is done which can be a traditional gastric bypass operation.

Complications can arise in all surgical procedures. It’s actually just dependent on identifying and averting the complications which your surgeon will explain during the pre-operative appointments. One of the most frequent complications are internal bleeding and gastric leaking but surgical strategies are developed to prevent these tendencies.

As of now, scientific studies conducted with the gastric sleeve being a stand-alone approach didn’t provide a long-term data as it hasn’t been too long since the utilization of this technique. However, numerous studies have established the rate at which weight loss is predicted. For patients with elevated BMI (50-60), 1 / 2 of their surplus weight can be shed off in the initial 12 months right after treatment. Patients with reduced BMI (30-40), can anticipate a losing over two-thirds of their excess pounds.

Considering the overall picture of weight loss surgery, gastric sleeve is the middle ground of gastric band and gastric bypass. Consequently, this method generally is a very good choice for patients who, in any way, could not undergo a gastric bypass which often could be the step to slimming down and transforming their health status and standard of living in a much larger sense.

The vertical gastric sleeve is a procedure that is created by surgically stapling and removing 70% to 80% of the stomach.  The surgical stapling is done by a double sewing technique that helps to prevent leaks.   The sleeve is a thin portion that is left that the food is digested in.  The food passes through the digestive system as normal and is absorbed into the body as it normally has before surgery.   The sleeve prevents a large amount of food to be eaten because the stomach is now smaller.  Also, the portion that creates the hormone GHRELIN  (hunger hormone)  that causes hunger is removed.  This hormone is reduced within a few weeks after surgery.  Gastric sleeve is referred to as the metabolic surgery.  Recent studies in the advanced field of weight loss surgeries dramatically influence weight loss of patients and balance your the metabolism of patients.   Insulin and blood sugar levels are greatly improved.  It is not completely clear how the surgery regulates the insulin, blood sugar, cholesterol, diabetes, lipids and even sleep apnea is resolved in many cases, but, many times these life-threatening disorders are cured.

Recovery time is usually very quick and most patients can get back to a daily routine within a week.   Most surgical patients lose 70% of their weight within a year.  This procedure is also less invasive than gastric bypass.    Sleeves are best for people with 30 BMI to 50 BMI.  Surgery time is usually only about 45 minutes to perform.  Patients with the sleeve experience great weight loss and improvement in their over all health and life.  Most weight loss outcomes are comparable to gastric bypass procedure without as many side effects as gastric bypass.

Gastric sleeve is now a very popular surgery. It is a minimum invasive surgery that many people are turning to as an alternative to Gastric Bypass. It is also cheaper than Gastric Bypass surgery.

Today, bariatric surgeons employ vertical sleeve gastrectomy more than any other bariatric surgery. The concept in vertical sleeve gastrectomy is to physically lessen the volume of the stomach sack, consequently reducing cravings for surplus food. Patients experience a wide assortment of results, but nearly all have a spectacular shift in weight loss.

Recently, however, perspective on gastric sleeve surgery has evolved which makes it a personal choice. It had been discovered to be effective enough that it does not demand follow-up operations to make it work. Desired weight level may be accomplished with a gastric sleeve surgery alone.

Complications may arise in all surgeries. It’s just a matter of identifying and avoiding the complications which your surgeon will explain during the pre-operative appointments. The most frequent issues are bleeding and gastric leaking but surgical techniques are developed to avoid these tendencies.

Gastric sleeve is definitely an irreversible procedure which involves vertical resection from the higher part of the stomach, called the fundus, right down to about two inches from the pylorus, the region where the stomach and small intestine meet up. To avoid bleeding and leakage, the very first phase in this treatment is solidifying hemostasis and stapling (or heat sealing) the seams bilaterally through the region where the incision will be made. When the initial step is finished, resection will follow. Stitches are connected over the area of the incision to reinforce the staples previously placed, the resected portion will be taken out and the wound will be sealed.

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