Mixed Martial Arts like the ones that are done in UFC (ultimate fighting championship) are continuing to receive negative criticism because of the violent content.  The critics refer to it as a freak show, human cock-fighting and much more. It is still getting a bad reputation even though the sport has advanced a long way from when UFC first started in 1993.   

There is no question that MMA was barbaric when it first came on to the scene in 1993. UFC was bare-knuckle no holds barred fighting back then.  Since it didn’t have to be sanctioned by any regulatory agency (Like an Athletic Gaming Commission) there were very few rules and safeguards. Back then it was single elimination tournament format. There were no weight classes so David and Goliath type of matches were common. The fights were also not even timed so you would fight until someone either gave up or was unconscious. With all the changes from then till now the UFC is considerably safer, more structured and far from its barbaric roots. An athletic commission in 2000 sanctioned MMA. They have to wear gloves to protect their hands.  The UFC is divided into weight classes so there are no real bully matches.  Much like a boxing match, there are timed rounds and you can win decisions based off of points scored. Most importantly there are rules in place to protect the fighters, and the referees are trained and educated to know when to stop a fight.

In Glen Burnie MMA is becoming very popular amongst women. Maybe the best indication that mixed martial arts is no longer a barbaric spectacle is this rise the in popularity women MMA classes. There are many reasons that women are getting excited about training in mixed martial arts. Two of the biggest reasons are physical fitness and self-defense. In many mixed martial arts class in Glen Burnie Self Defense is a point of Emphasis. In these classes they are likely to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, which are absolutely the most effective martial arts for self-defense. MMA classes for women also promote the total body workout that they are looking for.  It is great for loosing weight getting in shape. Of course it is also for serious women who want to actually compete professionally. As a rule of thumb, when a women likes something it isn’t considered to be that bad.