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Healthy Weight Network brings you a sound connection to the latest research on obesity, eating disorders, weight and eating issues, dieting, and weight loss and gain, along with practical guidelines for healthy living.It offers a new health-centered pathway for individuals and for professionals, teachers and parents who want to help without harming.

For over twenty years the science and commentary on these issues has been as close as your mailbox in Healthy Weight Journal, established in 1986, and your bookshelf through what we conceive as leading-edge books and educational materials. In 1996 we went online and have developed a website that has become a top site, we trust, for both consumers and health professionals.

Independently owned, Healthy Weight Network was launched as a way to establish a forum for new voices seldom being heard in the spin of anti-obesity wars. We are unconstrained by the industry funding that so often seems to tie the hands of scientists in this field in both federal and academic programs and obscure efforts to move ahead with sound solutions to the nation’s weight and eating problems.

Healthy Weight Network, through its name, recognizes the close, informal network we have been fortunate to be a part of over the years. This is a network that initially linked subscribers, contributors and visionary leaders from many disciplines coming together through the journal and face-to-face at national and international conferences; it expanded to include several organizations, and now encompasses new groups, blogs, websites and list servs, including, significantly, the list Showmethedata, which often calls into question the day’s headlines.

Leaders in this movement know the research, reject pseudoscience, and embrace the concept of healthy living that does no harm. Together we have shaped a new philosophy that advocates normal diet-free eating, active living, and a respectful and positive environment that promotes total health and well-being for people of all sizes. All our materials are based on this health at any size approach (also known as health at every size).

Our goal at Healthy Weight Network from its inception, has been to provide science-based facts on today’s weight and eating issues and link them to practical guidelines that empower health care providers and consumers to move ahead with confidence. We search for truth and understanding, investigate misinformation, and openly report controversies and challenges. We believe it is our role to be a voice of integrity, insight and reason in a field much in need of such voices.

This philosophy is expressed in our mission, below.


Healthy Weight Network provides a critical link between research and practical application on weight and eating issues. Recognizing that weight is a complex condition of increasing concern throughout the world, we are committed to bringing together scientific information from many sources, reporting controversial issues in a clear, objective manner, and the ongoing search for truth and understanding.

Recognizing that weight is an easily exploitable health and social concern, we are further committed to exposing deception, reshaping detrimental social attitudes, and promoting health at any size. Our mission is to be a voice of integrity and insight in a field that has been much abused and neglected.

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Francie M. Berg, MS

An internationally known authority on weight and eating, Francie M. Berg, MS, LN, is a licensed nutritionist and adjunct professor at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine.

As founder, editor and publisher of Healthy Weight Journal and author of 12 books, she has reported the scientific research and commentary on obesity, weight loss, disordered eating and size harassment to health professionals worldwide for more than two decades.

Her latest book, Underage and Overweight: Our Childhood Obesity Crisis–What Every Family Needs to Know, explores these complex issues in easy-to-read format, and offers a 7-step plan for raising confident, healthy-weight children.

Berg has presented seminars at national and international conferences, and has been a guest on national television, including Oprah, Lezza and Inside Edition shows.

A pioneer in the health at any size movement, Berg advocates moving ahead to a health-entered, diet-free approach in helping children and adults of all sizes, without doing harm.

Her organization, Healthy Weight Network, sponsors Healthy Weight Week and “Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day” and presents the Slim Chance Awards, now in their 20th year. As national coordinator of the Task Force on Weight Loss Abuse for the National Council Against Health Fraud, she maintains an extensive collection of quack products and bizarre gadgets that Americans are using in their strenuous efforts to lose weight.


  • Masters degree, Family Social Science, University of Minnesota; BS, Montana State University
  • Licensed Nutritionist, North Dakota Dietetic Association
  • Adjunct professor, University of North Dakota School of Medicine, Grand Forks
  • Founder, publisher and 16-year editor of Healthy Weight Journal
  • Chair of the Task Force on Weight Loss Abuse for the National Council Against Health Fraud (22 years)
  • Author of 12 books, including:

>Underage and Overweight:
Our Child Obesity Crisis – What Every Family Needs to Know

>Women Afraid to Eat:
Breaking Free in Today’s Weight-Obsessed World

>Children and Teens Afraid to Eat: Helping Youth in Today’s Weight-Obsessed World

>Health Risks of Weight Loss

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