Executive summary related to “Obese Children” by Jenny Franco

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Obesity Among Children

The idea of psychological impacts on an obese children was unheard of until recently as the issue has been receiving quite a bit of worldwide attention.

At school, teasing and bullying is something that always happens. Children, while innocent and playful, can also be “evil” towards others. And children are easy to reflect their immediate feelings and thoughts towards one another.

Those who are bullied or teased about their body can have low self-esteem and a bad self-image. Because of all this teasing, it makes it unlikely that other children will associate themselves with him or her for fear of being bullied and teased as well.

The teasing can cause this obese children to become depressed, sometimes resulting in the child using food as their comfort. If not stopped promptly, this can lead to long term repercussions when they become adults. Food should never be used as comfort.

The psychological effects from childhood can often be seen in adulthood.

A large number of obese children and teens grow up to become obese in their adulthood. Gastric Sleeve information

Obesity in adulthood can lead to social anxieties. In society, humans want to be accepted by others and have friends.

Social anxieties in adulthood are often caused by the same anxieties from childhood. It’s valid to say that social anxieties are created as defense mechanisms.

Obese Children Need Motivation and Support to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Executive Summary related to “Obese Children” By Simon Dawson

Obesity is a real threat to the deteriorating health of young children as it can lead to threatening conditions. Excess body weight can cause heart problems, diabetes and cancer.

There are many reasons why some kids are more obese than others but one of the reasons lies in the lack of physical activity they par take in.

In addition many households now have 2 working parents which results in reduced time with their children which means parents can not always control what activities there children participate in on a day to day basis.

With the growing advancement of different entertainment devices such as computer games, the internet and television, children end up spending more time with these things rather than out with their friends and thus loose interest in any physical activity.

The fast food is also high on the list of reasons why obese children numbers are increasing. Lifestyles these days tend to be a lot faster than previously and many people have less time to prepare healthy home cooked food let alone find the time to sit down as a family and eat it.

Sitting in front of the television with your dinner on your lap is a bad habit to get into and should be avoided.

Parents should try to develop healthy eating habits in young children in their younger years. Though it’s hard, parents need to spend more time with their children and try to involve them in more physical activities that they like.

Love and care can help you achieve miracles and by being supportive you can help your child to understand the importance of eating the right food, maintaining an exercise routine and looking after their body.

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