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Posted by Bariatric Center on Monday, November 30th, 2009

Smartlipo Procedure Recovery Liposuction is a operation that is offered on a day after day basis in the US, and one that often involves additional procedures to get rid of surplus skin remaining when a mass of fat is surgically removed from under the skin. For many patients, liposuction can be a traumatic experience, but there is a new lipo surgery on the market, SmartLipo, or also generally called “laser lipo”. Hailed as a medical miracle by many people, SmartLipo Is making a large impact in the world of aesthetic surgeries. SmartLipo will actually make you seem years younger as fat pockets are drained from your flesh as the upper skin is flattened and shaped.

Conventional Liposuction – Invasive and Dangerous

Although the surgical procedure is performed often, the practice is quite invasive, and the outcome of the fat tissue elimination is in the skilled expertise of the bariatric surgeon, rather literally. The cannula, or tube, employed in traditional liposuction is between four and six millimeters in diameter and takes an incision that requires stitches. Following the painful surgery is complete, individuals are expected to wear compression bandages constantly for at a minimum of 6 weeks. Often there will be hideous unevenness under the skin where the fat was removed unevenly, particularly in less experienced surgeons.

SmartLipo Benefits

SmartLipo Technology (or SMARTLIPO) uses the newest advancements in cosmetic surgery equipment, which provides physicians a safer, faster and cost-effective approach. The patient’s life and health are revitalized shortly after surgical treatment since pain and recovery time is minimized by the special methods. Usually, it is only a few days and the rate is about 45% less than the traditional liposuction procedure. The bariatric patient is not fully unconscious due to general anesthesia, so SmartLipo has much less risks than conventional liposuction procedure done thoughout the years.

Folks undergoing Smartlipo undergo a much faster recovery time with far less health issues when compared to older liposuction methods. The laser light creates instant coagulation of the small blood vessels in the fat tissue. The particular wavelength of laser light in the surgical tool seals the small capillaries that would normally bleed in traditional liposuction. Doctors and patients both love this treatment because it necessitates no cutting or general anesthesia. This is the reason behind why the accelerated healing and revitalization times are achieved in patients.

The minimally invasive Smart Lipo techniques are more precise which allows for a more consistently treated area, which improves yet further as the recuperation time comes to an end & the epidermis shrinks in across the site. Smart Lipo precision allows for and evenly treated skin tone, which gets better even more as the recovery time elapses and the outer skin shrinks around the site.

In place of the bulky tubes & uncomfortable office check-ups required of old-style liposuction, SmartLipo utilizes smaller tools & specialized technology to zap fat cells for toning and reshaping portions of the body including the love handles, abdomen, backs, hips, thighs, knees, neck, arms, and chin. The laser essentially coagulates tiny blood vessels on contact, thus resulting in less bleeding, bruising, and inflammation than in traditional liposuction. The majority of patients are treated & out of the office within two to three hours of the surgery, and recovering in the comfort of their own home for the remainder of the day. The majority of authorized SmartLipo? doctors advise 2-3 days of rest for the patient to recover following the operation.

Compression Garments for SmartLipo Recovery

Compression garments aren’t always essential. The magnitude of the region of the body that is being treated is very influential in the time that is necessary for the compression garments to be worn by the patient. However the fact remains, compression garments don’t have to be worn for as long a period of time for SmartLipo as patient’s do in regular liposuction. Convalescing patients could be told to dress in a compression garment after the surgery for several days to several weeks, it depends on how large the region is that is being treated. As body fat is liquified away, there are small voids underneath the epidermis where the fat has melted away. Compression garments seal the subdermal tunnels and lead to a smoother end result. Gastric Sleeve The effect is a flatter more contoured body part that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

SmartLipo is a medical treatment where fat cells is disintegrated by laser. The treatment itself is named Laserlipolysis. It is one of the earliest laserlipolysis procedures to be accepted by the FDA. Other than manually cutting the cannula all the way through the region of fat removal as in liposuction, cosmetic surgeons employ a lot thinner cannula (tubing that is 1 millimeter in diameter), which has a laser attached to the last part. In actuality, the locations of the laser’s insertion spots aren’t very visible & don’t require stitches. This is totally the opposite of traditional liposuction where there will be a lot of bruising from tissue injury created by the medical cutting device known as a cannula.

Beneficial “Side Effect of SmartLipo Laser Treatment

Collagen is a vitally important tissue in the body for having a youthful attractiveness. It is found in the lower layers of the skin & muscles of the body. As we get older, collagen degrades in the skin then the epidermis loses elasticity and becomes increasingly creased, or what is known as being “wrinkled”. When this occurs it makes individuals look older. Because of the laser wavelengths are being directed in the direction of the deep fatty tissues, the body’s response is by increasing collagen below the epidermis. This will impart a retraction in addition to tissue contraction as the body convalesces. The result will be a younger and more natural look.

In addition to melting the fat tissue, Smartlipo surgical treatment has been verified to make tighter the deeper tissue, therefore inducing collagen formation in the body. In the past, plastic surgeons usually injected patients with collagen to solidify saggy areas. Now that is starting to change with more surgeons going to SmartLipo for body part sculpting spot procedures. The complete process takes place in the body for approximately three months. The outcome is a tighter, more toned appearance after full healing.

Smartlipo? laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure which uses a laser to obliterate unwelcome fat quickly, whether located on the neck, face, back, arms, thighs, or breasts. In contrast to traditional liposuction, laserlipolysis exclusively zero’s in on fat tissue, instantaneously liquifying it so it can be either drained easily by a cannula device or or else soaked up by the lymphatic system of the body. The cannula (a thin medical tubing) does not suck the adipose tissue out of the body forcefully, but merely acts as a drainage device. It is much smaller than the cannula used in traditional liposuction techniques. For the leftover liquid fat that doesn’t drain in the first day, it is ultimately asorbed into the body by means of the lymphatic system.

The lasting effects of the laser liposuction treatment are wonderful. From the laser utilized to liquefy the fat cells in sensitive body parts, to the cauterizing of blood vessels to minimize bleeding, and finally to the non-traumatizing of deep tissue is all adventageous to the patient. SmartLipo is a very smart choice for anyone who has hard to remove body fat that should be surgically extracted. In the minimally invasive surgery, you can literally walk away from it on the same day. I offer it a thumbs up.

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