Why do we need gastric bypass surgery operations? There always have been some people for whom obesity has been a constant problem throughout their lives but in recent years there has been an alarming increase in the rate of obesity. There are large numbers of people who may have had their health damaged and their life expectancy reduced as a result of being excessively overweight.

We are fortunate to live in a time of plenty. It wasn’t always the case but now we have so much food available we have to learn to restrict ourselves to eating sesnible quantities of food. We have so much rich food available to us and we are constantly bombarded by advertising encouraging us to buy more food and eat it. We are living through a psychological war and we are the victims. It is no surprise that we succumb to the persuasive forces of the advertisers because they have the most devious talents and skills to use to defeat our willpower.

The Ultimate Solution Is Gastric Bypass Surgery

The more food we eat, the more likely we may be to suffer from obesity and the associated problems it causes. We may spend years trying to lose weight through diets and exercise regimes yet slowly gain weight all the time. There is one ultimate solution to reducing weight and solving this huge body mass problem using the popular procedure of gastric bypass surgery.

If you are thinking about gastric bypass surgery you should discus all the options available with your doctor. Where the excess body weight is causing medical problems or it is thought that there will be medical problems in the future a doctor may consider gastric bypass surgery to be an appropriate course of action.

In the past there were limited options available for anyone who was obese or suffering from excess body weight. A gastric bypass operation was very much a last resort and it carried with it some risk to the patient who would be subjected to a major operation. Today, thanks largely to advances in surgical techniques and in particular the development of laparoscopic surgical procedures, we are able to have a gastric bypass surgery solution, or gastric banding,  which is a much simpler and more acceptable solution to deal with the problems of obesity.

The benefits of these advances in surgical techniques have made gastric banding a much safer and more realistic possibility for many people who would not previously have been considered for such a drastic step as to undergo surgery.

The change to using laproscopic procedures has made the gastric bypass surgery operations a much safer, simpler and more acceptable solution to the problem of obesity. It is as a consequence of this that the profile of gastric banding surgery has been raised substantially with many celebrities choosing this method of managing their obesity and weight loss.

There are some unlikely names on the roster of who has had this procedure carried out. A short list of famous people would include the coach of the Notre Dame football team Charlie Weiss, the footballer Diego Maradona, the musician and harmonica virtuoso John Popper and the rock singer Randy Jackson. There are likely to be many more who would still prefer to keep such private medical information to themselves but there are likely to be many well known names who have had  gastric bypass procedures carried out..

The question of why obesity is increasing and becoming a serious problem for our society has no simple answers though availability of rich food must play a significant part. There was a slight rise in the rate of obesity following world War II but during the last twenty five years we have seen major growth in levels of obesity throughout the Western world but more particularly in the USA. There are many variables to consider and a precise reason for this is not known and there is a  fairly wide disagreement about the exact causes but some things we can all agree on.

1. We are a lot less active than previous generations. We are more likely to watch our favorite sport on TV instead of getting outside, running around and playing the game ourselves. Gastric Sleeve information This would apply to most of us but especially to those who are obese. One interesting fact is that if you lower the calorie intake for overweight people they do not become more active and conversely, if you raise the calorie intake for fit, lean people they do not become any less active. Weight loss, or gain,by itself, has very little effect on a person’s level of activity, but that person’s own level of activity does have an affect on his, or her, weight.

2. The marketing industry is today highly sophisticated in how they get through to our subconscious wants and desires to convince us to consume their products, This is particularly true when it comes to fast and convenience foods which get promoted alongside sports events giving us mixed messages about their benefits and disadvantages. It may be significant that a large number of restrictions on advertising to children were removed during the Reagan years and many of these restrictions covered such things as sweets and fast foods and the children of those times are now adults.

3. We are all eating less home cooked food. People are using convenience foods rather than cooking at home with many more people choosing home delivered meals, opting for fast food take out or frequenting their local restaurant than used to be the case and the growth in these types of business has been dramatic in recent years.

4. Trade subsidies negotiated during the past twenty five years have helped reduce the cost of many food products not least that of sugar and sugar syrup. This has in turn made them cheap ingredients to use as ‘filler’ in a wide variety of food with the result that we now consume a lot more than we previously did.

5. We don’t walk anywhere, anymore. Car travel is no longer considered a luxury and the two car family has become common with the result that hardly anybody walks anywhere. Our kids get driven everywhere they go. We do not hesitate about jumping into the car for even the shortest of journeys and many people wouldn’t even consider walking down to the shop at the end of the street.

6. Perhaps the most unlikely fact of all is the effect that the craze for diet and exercise has had on the rise in obesity. Thanks in part to our understanding of health but also thanks to another set of marketers and advertisers keen to promote diet and fitness products, we have all become obsessed with dieting. Some people seem to diet as frequently as they change their clothes and the unfortunate result of most failed diets is that following a diet, it is quite common for your weight to rise to a level even higher than it was before you started. This pattern of falling and rising weight over time frequently results in a steady underlying increase in weight towards obesity.

Every one of these factors listed are man made problems that add to the growth in obesity. A gastric bypass does provides one possible solution but even though the procedure is much simpler than it used to be and is gaining in popularity, it remains far from a pleasant experience and is not without its risks. For those people who are obese today gastric bypass surgery or gastric banding can provide an excellent solution to their problem but it needs to be combined with changes in lifestyle and dietary habits.

If we care about our children and our grandchildren we should be looking to improve the way we lead our lives. We need to be concerned about preventing obesity in the future rather than sitting back and waiting for the problem to arrive and resorting to gastric bypass surgery to solve the problem. Healthy active lifestyles for our kids could help them avoid such a drastic measure.